specialty holsters


The compact belt slide holster pictured above was made for a S&W Model 696 .44 Special. If the gun's stainless finish looks odd, it was bead blasted by the owner.  The holster is cowhide, hand cut, wet molded and finished with oil dye and wax.  It has a 5 degree forward cant and designed for right handed high rise. It has been designed not to collapse for re-holstering and the rear belt slot is rounded out so it won't tear up your belt.  


It has my BLW stamp and the owner's initials on the inside for any necessary ownership identification.

Most importantly, your firearm will be kept in a safe while its in my possession.

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A good time to bring me your firearm for a custom concealment holster or to order anything else is at one of the gun shows at the NC State Fairgrounds.

Otherwise, you can always call me at 919-889-7894 to set up and appointment at my shop